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About The Show

The Pro Audio Suite is a podcast that covers everything to do with voice overs and audio production. We feature interviews with key players from within the industry including studio engineers in music and post, manufacturers of gear, plugin designers, in fact all aspects of audio and production.


The Pro Audio Suite is different to most other podcasts. With the highest of production values, unique sound, and produced like you were listening to a real radio show. 

The Pro Audio Suite will not only bring you interviews with some of the leading lights of our industry but also tips, techniques and tools to hopefully make your work life more productive and creative. Most importantly we understand you don't want long-winded, half-assed production values, so we keep it as short, sharp and value packed as possible. 

Darren "Robbo" Robertson

Robbo has spent more than a quarter of a century recording and Producing audio for some of this country’s leading Media Houses and Ad Agencies.

Much of his 13 years with the Triple M network was spent recording some of Australia’s (and the globes) biggest rock acts, as well as producing award-winning programs and promos. 


After turning his hand to TV post-production, he worked on projects big and small including the ad campaign for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, along with work for some of Australia’s biggest retailers and service providers.

Short films, TV programs and commercials have all had an added touch of 'Audio Magic' courtesy of Robbo’s audio experience. 


Today he works on projects for a client list that includes Woolworths, Foxtel, The Triple M Radio Network, Subaru, and KFC amongst others, and provides sound design elements for some well-known video games and the world’s leading SFX providers. 


See more about Robbo at his website..

George Whittam

George is a 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in music and audio technology. 

George went on to acquire considerable expertise in music recording, sound for fitness, film production sound mixing, and gained broadcast engineering experience working at 94 WYSP (now WIP) as the 

remote engineer for the NFL Eagles Radio Network. George is the global authority on 

the technology of voiceover recording, investing thousands of hours researching studio 

design,recording equipment, and creating training materials for voice actors. 

Among his many successful clients are Malcolm McDowell, Allison Janney, Patrick Warburton, Rolonda Watts, Melissa Disney, Tara Strong, Joe Cipriano, and (the late) Miguel Ferrer.

George co-hosts the popular live webcast Voice Over Body Shop at VOBS.TV, a show dedicated to the education and support of voice actors around the world. 


Find out more about George here.

Andrew Peters

Andrew’s long career started as a radio announcer in rural Australia 4 years after arriving in the country from the UK.

By the mid 80’s he was not only a popular DJ but also the original host of the iconic music ABC TV series ‘Rock Arena’.

During the 80’s he fronted various TV shows including Trax the music and Simulrock for the TEN Network, was part of the on air line up for the Live Aid broadcast, producer of the documentary ‘Touring INXS’ shot in the UK, host and interviewer for the MTV special 'Australian Made’ for US broadcast and guest spots in other music based TV shows.

After 20 years as a radio and TV presenter he made a move to become a fulltime voice over artist and actor.
These days he is one of the top voice actors in SE Asia, the UAE, Australia and New Zealand heard literally by millions everyday.
He is the current network voice of Channel News Asia, station voice of Dubai Eye 103.8, brand voice of L’Oreal Paris, network voice of radio Triple M classic rock and numerous clients for TV, radio and corporate narrations.

Acting credits include, Blue Heelers, Neighbours, Secret Life of Us, Stingers and the Scott Hicks feature ‘Call me Mr Brown'.


See Andrews website here.

Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall is a long time audio enthusiast.  First in high school writing and recording with his band while working as an assistant in a local music studio.   

Later after earning a degree in Music Composition and Electronics from Ball State University he established a career in Chicago as a commercial post engineer.  Where he eventually found himself as a Sound Designer/Mixer and Chief Science Officer at Cutters/Another Country for 15 years.  It was there that he founded Source Elements with Rebekah Wilson and the ownership group at Cutters.  Sense his 15 years at Cutters Robert has teamed up with long time friends to start their own Audio Post boutique in Chicago they called SUM1.

Throughout his career, Robert has designed sound and mix countless national and international TV commercials for some of the biggest names in the industry including several Super Bowl spots throughout his career. His years of experience behind the board continue to give him insights on sessions, the creative process, workflow and technology.


See more about Source Elements here.


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