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Its Here... Don't miss out!


Meet the brainchild of 4 VO industry veterans...

For too long the audio industry has focussed on gear for musicians and audio post-production studios, leaving Voice Over artists with home studios few options when it comes to gear.  But all that is about to change


From the seeds of an idea from one of our episodes comes a voice-over game changer.


Meet the Centrance 'PASPort VO’, your passport to voice-over freedom.


Designed exclusively by the hosts of The Pro Audio Suite, and built by Centrance with ONLY Voice Artists in mind, and a price point you won't believe. 

The 'PASport VO' is compact (take it with you on the road), but equally at home in the studio. 

It’s easy to use and feature-packed.


Dual Mic Interface

Mix Minus Setup

Record a Backup

Capture both mics at once

REAL Mic Mute

Inbuilt Compressor

Inbuilt Low Pas Filter

Mac and PC Compatable

Balanced and Unbalanced outputs

 True Loopback

 Dual USB

 Mic-Speaker Feedback Eliminated

Record to 2 PCs/Macs at once

3 way Switch For Powerful Routing

Capture Two Mics In The Same Stereo File L/R

Inbuilt Compressor

Real Mic Mute

Use Your Phone or Computer To Connect To The Client

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