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Avid mixing Console

Welcome to the Pro Audio Suite Podcast.


Every week we talk to experts, mull over the latest pro audio and technology for home and pro studios, to marketing yourself in a busy space.

The show is hosted by veterans from all sides of the industry, from imaging, tech support, audio post, connectivity and voice over. 

With a combined audio experience of 120 odd years, there's not much that Darren 'Robbo' Robertson, Andrew Peters, George Whittam, and Robert Marshall can't talk with authority on.


We have also been ranked in the top 5 % of podcasts globally by Industry Giant and Podcast ranking leader Listen Notes, and made Welp magazine's top to Audio podcasts

About our sponsors:

A big shout out to our sponsors, Austrian Audio and Tri Booth. Both these companies are providers of QUALITY Audio Gear (we wouldn't partner with them unless they were), so please, if you're in the market for some new kit, do us a favour and check out their products, and be sure to tell em "Robbo, George, Robert and AP sent you"...


The guys at The Tri-Booth have been gracious enough to stump up the coin we need to keep the show coming to you every week. and have even provided us with the promo code PAP200 so you can grab one of their amazing booths with a $200 discount.


The Tri Booth is ideal for recording artists who find themselves needing an affordable professional home studio for both auditions and broadcast. You provide the mic, interface, computer, and talent, they provide the rest. The entire unit packs down into its large duffel bag for storage or light travel. The acoustic blankets are white on the inside for easier visibility during your time recording.

See the booth and find out more here (Don't forget your discount code TRIPAP200):


And if you're in the market for a new Mic or killer pair of headphones, check out Austrian Audio. They've got a great range of top-shelf gear..

Check them out at

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And a big thanks to our partners:

Tech Support

Voice Actor Friendly Tech
Elevate your voice acting studio to the next level.

Take 10% OFF your next order with coupon code TPAS10OFF

Remote Recording and Studio Solutions

Source Elements provides real-time remote recording solutions 24/7/365 to help people connect and produce professional-quality media around the world.

Imaging Production, Episode Record and Mix

VoodooSound Logo Black-Inverted 300dpi.png

Voodoo Sound is a full-service Audio Production studio. Radio, TV, Podcasts, voice demos, website content, podcasts, and more. If it needs audio you need Vooodoo Sound.

Hosting And Voice Overs


After 20 years as a radio and TV presenter, he made a move to become a full-time voice-over artist.
These days he is one of the top voice actors in SE Asia, the UAE, Australia, and New Zealand heard literally by millions every day.

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