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Looking for a Demo that shows off more than your day to day read?

Well, look no further.


Co-Hosts of the Pro Audio Suite Podcast, Darren "Robbo" Robertson and Andrew Peters have joined forces

to provide a Demo Production service like no other.

With close to 80 years of combined studio experience between them, Robbo in the engineer's seat and AP behind the mic, they've both worked with many of the world's top agents and creatives. Both are respected by their peers and have the experience to know what a casting agent is looking for from your demo.


So make the investment in your voiceover business and enjoy the experience of building your brand new demo. And for a limited time we're offering a 30% discount when you sign up.


Matt Cowlrick, USA

“It's working wonderfully for me. Thanks for the great perspective."."

Colin Day, United Kingdom

"when you want your demo spots  to have that proper network “oh-my-gosh-they-booked-him-for-THAT” feel."

Memo Sauceda, USA

“Having two different perspectives was inspiring, and the results were amazing, I highly recomend it. ”

The Process

Whatever the next step in your career is, the fact remains you need a great demo to get you there. But there are three main tricks to getting just the right one. 

1. It Must Be Repeatable

There is no point spending hour after hour in the studio chopping together take upon take to craft the perfect read if you can't easily repeat it when the time comes


​2. It Must Be Believable

No point in spending good money on a demo that no one believes is work that you're at a level of creating on demand.

3. It Should Focus On Your Goals

If you want to book more promo work, why include retail spots on your demo? If your natural "Man on the street" read is what you want to do more of, shouldn't you have more than one example on your demo? Create a demo that shows you at your best in your chosen niche, in a way that will get you noticed...

So why Robbo and AP? Well for starters we've worked with the likes of Matt Cowlrick, Colin Day and a bunch of other international and local talent who want a better shot at the next gig, or a killer demo to present to their dream agent.

With a perspective from both sides of the glass, you'll not only get a demo, but you might also even learn a thing or two along the way. We will coach you through the process from the get-go, and you will have a chance to give feedback at every step of the way. Consultation and teamwork are important when crafting a demo that delivers you at your best. Here's an overview of the typical way it goes.

  1. A one-hour call to go over your goals and get to know you, your voice and its strengths and weaknesses.

  2. We'll craft some scripts that highlight your strengths, are targeted to the work you're looking for, and give you a chance to show off any hidden talents you may want to highlight.

  3. You'll get the scripts to look over, request any changes and add your own touch.

  4. We'll record with you over Source Connect at a time that suits you. No need to rush here, and you'll have AP and Robbo on the line to push you to different places and explore different ways to get the best results for each spot.

  5. AP and Robbo will do their own edits of your spots. Well compile them and send them to you for review.

  6. Time for another online catchup to go through the edits and decide which ones you like, which ones you don't and possibly any pickups or combinations to get the best feel.

  7. Robbo will produce your spots to the same standards he holds when working for the likes of Saatchi and Saatchi, BBDO, DDB and many more top-level global agencies.

  8. You'll receive all the individual spots, as well as an edited demo.

  9. Time to crack that next career goal.

It's a proven process that's worked for many satisfied (and now hard-working) clients. Why not drop us a line to see if it's right for you?

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Interested? Want to know more? Want to schedule your next demo? Drop Robbo and AP a line and they'll get back to you...

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